Hoover Rooter - Window SqueegeWhile our main focus at is to teach you DIY home plumbing repairs, we also like to bring in professionals from time to time that are in other areas of home improvement. This gives you some extra value for stopping by our site from time to time.

As promised in the previous post, the below post was written by Dan Lombardo. Dan owns Window Cleaning of Simi Valley Thousand Oaks, an has been in that business for ten years, so he knows his stuff. His company is local to the Conejo Valley in Southern California, so unfortunately he does not do windows in every city. But if you do need Window Cleaning in Thousand Oaks California, please post a comment or go to their …


hoover rooter - leaky faucetWelcome everyone! This is our first post and we’re excited that you’re here reading. After reading this, we found a great video on how to fix a leaky faucet here¬†for you to reference if you need to in supplement of the information below. So here we go!

It happens to every homeowner or renter: the dreaded leaky faucet. Every homeowner should know how to make this simple plumbing repair, but often times, this common plumbing problem catches us at a moment’s notice, without giving us time to prepare, so we end up calling a plumber. This is one part of home maintenance skills that can easily be learned.

Let’s break down the process of this plumbing repair in to several simple steps.

1. Figure …