How To Clean A Window Like A Professional

Hoover Rooter - Window SqueegeWhile our main focus at is to teach you DIY home plumbing repairs, we also like to bring in professionals from time to time that are in other areas of home improvement. This gives you some extra value for stopping by our site from time to time.

As promised in the previous post, the below post was written by Dan Lombardo. Dan owns Window Cleaning of Simi Valley Thousand Oaks, an has been in that business for ten years, so he knows his stuff. His company is local to the Conejo Valley in Southern California, so unfortunately he does not do windows in every city. But if you do need Window Cleaning in Thousand Oaks California, please post a comment or go to their website.

Ok Dan, so there was your plug ;),  here is what he has to say about cleaning your home windows like a professional:

If you’re like most people, when you own a home you want everything to be perfectly in place and squeaky clean. It’s pretty simple to clean most areas of your home to your liking, but your windows can be a different story.

Some people are afraid to clean windows, either because of a fear of heights (or fear of a lot of hard work!). Some of our customers have also told us that no matter what they do, they just can’t get windows cleaned as well as they really would like to have them.

Well you can have your windows cleaned just like you see us professionals do. Follow these cleaning tips and you’ll end up with professional cleaning results. You know there really is no secret formula to cleaning a window.  I’m in business simply because people just don’t have the time or want to do the work. So if you want to do it yourself, here are some simple steps that you should do in order to have your windows perfectly clean:

  1. Get warm soapy water and apply it to your window with a strip applicator. The strip applicator will soak up a lot of the soapy water and it will also loosen the dirt that you have on your windows without scratching the glass. In order to get the soapy water you don’t have to buy any special solutions; just use a squirt of dishwashing liquid with warm water. Make sure there are not a lot of suds, the fewer you have the better results you will have.
  2. Next you want to wipe off your windows with a squeegee. It’s good to start in the upper left corner and come down in a backward S pattern. Once you have completed each wipe you want to wipe the squeegee making sure you clean it with a rag that is lint free, like an old linen napkin or even a cloth diaper. Continue this process until the window is clear.
  3. If you have water drippings along the sides of your windows get a damp chamois that has been wrung dry and wipe it off. The chamois will soak up the drippings that are left behind without leaving any streaks. You also want to dry the windowsill with a rag.


These simple steps along with the simple tools can give you professionally clean windows. Now below are some extra tips for multi paned windows.

  1. When you have multi-pane windows you still need to use a squeegee but you need one that will fit the panes… in order to get right size squeegee you can just cut a larger one with a saw to get the proper size. Once you have it at the right size you need it to be it’s time to start cleaning.
  2. Using a handheld sponge, preferably a natural sponge because it is more absorbent, clean each pane with warm water that has a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Rub each pane making sure you rub each pane and getting the corners so you are ensuring the dirt is loosened from all corners.
  3. Now, using your custom squeegee, pull down in a single stroke from top to bottom of each pane. You want to make sure to clean the blade after each stroke so you won’t have any streaks on your windows.
  4. With a damp chamois get any water drippings that have been left behind and take a rag and dry off the windowsill with a rag.

For both the picture windows and multi-pane windows, if you find there are some stubborn spots that didn’t come out in the cleaning process you can easily get rid of them. You want to clean your windows as above and afterwards apply a glass surface protecting agent. You want to apply this after each cleaning to make sure the stains don’t return.

That’s it everyone. it;s pretty much how we do it. Try it your self and if you have any questions, post a comment and I’ll be sure to answer.

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